Best Electric Shaver I Ever Had

My last electric shaver gave out, and since I don’t like shaving with a razor blade it was time for me to wade through the reviews to find the best electric shaver on the market today. The last time I bought an electric shaver I’m sure there weren’t nearly as many choices on the market today, as there were ten years ago. Most of the shavers are cordless now, which I thought was a great idea, as my old bathroom doesn’t have an outlet, and my wife hated me getting beard flakes all over the dresser top. After searching for a bit I chose the Remington XR1370 Hyper Series rotary shaver.

Remington XR1370
Remington XR1370

The shaver was quite surprising from a shaver under $100. It arrived in a timely fashion, and I was able to give it a try the next day. I was surprised that I hit the nail on the head in one go. This Remington shaver is the best shaver I have ever had! I thought I’d have to try a few before I found one that I was satisfied with. I know Remington has a good name in shavers, but I was surprised at how simple it was to narrow down the reviews to this one. Remington XR1370The Remington XR1370 is a rotary style, rather than the foil style of cordless shaver. It comes in a black plastic finish, with an LCD readout screen built into the base. For these features alone, I was surprised that Remington was able to keep this shaver affordable. This shaver can be used wet or dry. I can use it with water and soap in the sink, or take it into the shower with me. Shaving creams, foams, and gels can also be used with it. The shaver rotary head has hyper flex technology, allowing it to more accurately follow the contours of my face. The head adjusted to move with my chin and cheeks. The cutters kept in contact with my skin, not missing any stray whiskers.

After my shave I was pleasantly surprised to discover that may face felt comfortable and smooth. There was no after-shaving discomfort. Which was fine by me, as I don’t like to use after-shave fragrances due to allergies. This is all i want from the best electric shaver. I also had the chance to test the shaver dry. I had a big meeting coming up  at work, and figured a touch-up was in order near the end of the day, but before the meeting. I didn’t want to mess with water and soap in the public restroom, so I simply used it dry. It still did a great job, even when dry. It’s lithium powered, so it holds a charge for at least an hour. I did forget to charge it up one day. Fortunately, a dead shaver is not a disaster. There’s a quick five minute charge, giving me enough power to last through one full shave. There’s an additional comfort trimmer, so I could get into fine corners and around my side burns.

Overall, this Remington shaver has been the best electric shaver I ever had. Check it out for yourself.