Robot Vacuum is the Best Vacuum Cleaner

iRobot may have been one of the first manufactures to make a great robot vacuum cleaner, but consumers can pay a high price for the privilege of owning one. There are many robot vacuum cleaner copies now. The RolliBot is a popular maker and tries to outdo the competition with its unique features.

Just which is the best vacuum cleaner? Here are two model comparisons, so you can decide for yourself.

RolliBot BL618 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with UV Sterilization

The Rollibot is a circular robot vacuum cleaner that has small propellers that reach beyond the unit to capture hair and dust particles, providing a wider field of cleaning. It’s in a black color, with the button features on the top.

RolliBot-BL618This vacuum can perform a variety of floor cleaning options. It can sweep, vacuum, mop, and UV sterilize your floors. These features makes the RolliBot one of the best vacuum celaner in the world. The RolliBot has UV sterilization to provide an additional layer of floor cleaning protection. It does this through a special UV light. It can also do quick spot cleaning with an auto-detection of dirty areas. It will start cleaning on any these dirty regions.

There are four cleaning modes on the RolliBot: an auto cleaning mode, a spot cleaning mode, an edge cleaning mode, and a zig zag cleaning mode. It has a mopping attachment which makes it easy to clean, and is washable and re-usable.

It has a home base where it can automatically recharge itself. There is no way to set up boundaries, so you’d either have to move furniture, or close a door if this function is important to you.

RolliBot offers a one year manufacturer’s warranty. It costs $230. The RolliBot measures 13.4 inches by 3.3 inches, and weighs about 7.7 pounds.

iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum

The iRobot Roomba 650 is also one of the best vacuum cleaner and also a black circular shaped robot vacuum, and has the controls on the top. It can vacuum both floors and carpets. It contains a full set of sensors that enable it to use its iAdapt Navigation to move around the room. Its smart iAdapt Responsiveness Navigation will automatically be able to adjust to all types of flooring: carpet, tiles, hardwood, laminate, and more.

iRobot-Roomba-650It uses a three stage cleaning process that begins by agitating carpet, brushes it, and the suctions it up. You can pre-program it for up to seven days a week. You can also press the CLEAN button. It will also automatically dock and recharge itself.

It has a low profile of 3.6 inches, so will be able to get under most types of furniture to clean. There is also virtual wall technology, so that you can tell it to clean only specific rooms, and leave the others alone, without closing doors.

It has a spinning side brush that will give some additional cleaning power to baseboards and the corners of a room.

The iRobot Roomba measures 13.4 inches by 3.6 inches by 13.4 inches, and weighs 11.8 pounds. It comes with a one year warranty. This robot vacuum costs $375.

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner?

It can be a dilemma between choosing an affordable price for a robot vacuum such as the RolliBot, or going with a trusted brand such as the iRobot. Both come with the standard one year warranty, should there be any defect in materials.

The RolliBot has additional functionality with its ability to actually mop floors, and sterilize too, but it does not have any way to program in barriers. You’ll have to decide if you want to pay an additional $145 for the iRobot’s virtual wall technology.

The RolliBot also has sweepers that extend out, making it a wider cleaning path, even though both measure 13.4 inches wide. iRobot sells its narrow width of 3.6 inches as being a feature, yet the RolliBot does better with a narrower 3.3 inches.

If money is no limit you could choose the iRobot, particularly if you’re only interested in having a great robot vacuum cleaner. But if you like the idea of additional functionality for a great price point, give the RolliBot a try. Either way, both are great robot vacuum cleaners that will take some of the cumbersome chores of cleaning a home away from you.

Best Electric Shaver I Ever Had

My last electric shaver gave out, and since I don’t like shaving with a razor blade it was time for me to wade through the reviews to find the best electric shaver on the market today. The last time I bought an electric shaver I’m sure there weren’t nearly as many choices on the market today, as there were ten years ago. Most of the shavers are cordless now, which I thought was a great idea, as my old bathroom doesn’t have an outlet, and my wife hated me getting beard flakes all over the dresser top. After searching for a bit I chose the Remington XR1370 Hyper Series rotary shaver.

Remington XR1370
Remington XR1370

The shaver was quite surprising from a shaver under $100. It arrived in a timely fashion, and I was able to give it a try the next day. I was surprised that I hit the nail on the head in one go. This Remington shaver is the best shaver I have ever had! I thought I’d have to try a few before I found one that I was satisfied with. I know Remington has a good name in shavers, but I was surprised at how simple it was to narrow down the reviews to this one. Remington XR1370The Remington XR1370 is a rotary style, rather than the foil style of cordless shaver. It comes in a black plastic finish, with an LCD readout screen built into the base. For these features alone, I was surprised that Remington was able to keep this shaver affordable. This shaver can be used wet or dry. I can use it with water and soap in the sink, or take it into the shower with me. Shaving creams, foams, and gels can also be used with it. The shaver rotary head has hyper flex technology, allowing it to more accurately follow the contours of my face. The head adjusted to move with my chin and cheeks. The cutters kept in contact with my skin, not missing any stray whiskers.

After my shave I was pleasantly surprised to discover that may face felt comfortable and smooth. There was no after-shaving discomfort. Which was fine by me, as I don’t like to use after-shave fragrances due to allergies. This is all i want from the best electric shaver. I also had the chance to test the shaver dry. I had a big meeting coming up  at work, and figured a touch-up was in order near the end of the day, but before the meeting. I didn’t want to mess with water and soap in the public restroom, so I simply used it dry. It still did a great job, even when dry. It’s lithium powered, so it holds a charge for at least an hour. I did forget to charge it up one day. Fortunately, a dead shaver is not a disaster. There’s a quick five minute charge, giving me enough power to last through one full shave. There’s an additional comfort trimmer, so I could get into fine corners and around my side burns.

Overall, this Remington shaver has been the best electric shaver I ever had. Check it out for yourself.

Amazon Fire Phone

Since I felt that I needed a new cell phone, I decided to look for one on the Internet. Out of the many phones that I saw and read about, The Amazon Fire Phone was the one that caught my eye.

The first thing that I liked about the phone was its beautiful design.  The Amazon Fire Phone has a 4.7 inch display which was described to allow the owners to see clearly in both indoor and outdoor spaces, without the image losing its quality. The second feature presented was the phone’s 13 megapixel camera system, a camera which takes less blurry photos even in low light conditions, without the flash being activated. Also, the audio system was presented to be flawless. Because of those presented advantages, I made up my mind to purchase the Amazon Fire Phone.

Amazon Fire Phone
Amazon Fire Phone


I have been using the phone for a whole month and haven’t been impressed with what it offered me so far. Sadly, the Amazon Fire Phone’s performances didn’t reach my high expectations. After using it, I can say that the price I paid for purchasing the gadget was too high because the phone didn’t satisfy me enough for various reasons.

I was disappointed to notice that the phone’s battery was consuming really fast. At first, I thought it was because I might have left my applications running by accident. I was careful to close them when I didn’t need to use them, but afterwards observed that the battery’s power was still consuming really fast, even if the phone was in standby.

Another fact I didn’t appreciate about the phone was that it (sadly) has a limited access to applications that I used daily on my previous devices. I noticed this while I tried to install Google maps. Other applications that I couldn’t install were Youtube, Chrome, Snapchat.  Also, the phone’s screen is very, very sensitive. I dropped it on the floor from not such a big distance and, surprisingly, the top of the screen got really cracked, making me feel really disappointed about my Amazon  Fire Phone.

Moreover, the phone is overheating in a fast way while I am charging it, this being another unpleasant detail that I really wished not to encounter. Another defect the phone has is the fact that it freezes way too often and because of that I am forced to restart my phone to make it work again.

Sometimes, the touch screen doesn’t work properly and then again I have to restart the phone to fix the issue. The keyboard gives me multiple errors and, yet again, I need to reboot the phone in order to be able to use my keyboard. Sometimes, while I was talking on the phone, I couldn’t hear the other person at all. Also, there were times when they couldn’t hear me at all, making it really annoying and difficult to actually have a proper conversation.

Amazon Fire Phone Perspective
Amazon Fire Phone Perspective